NU Honours 4th Year Admit Card Print 2023

The National University (NU) has recently made an important announcement regarding the issuance of admit cards for the Honors 4th-year examinations of 2021. In a bid to streamline the process and ensure convenience for the students, the university has introduced digital signatures and online publication of admit cards and attendance sheets. This significant step marks a transition towards a more digitized and efficient examination system.

NU Honours 4th Year Admit Card 2023

To download the admit cards and attendance sheets, students are advised to visit either the official website of the National University ( or the dedicated page for college-related information ( By accessing these portals, students can easily obtain their respective admit cards, which are crucial for appearing in the upcoming exams.

To download the admit cards, students must utilize the college login feature by entering their assigned username and password. This will enable them to access subject-specific admit cards tailored to their courses. Additionally, the respective colleges and centers are required to download attendance sheets through the college login option. It is essential for the college authorities to ensure the accuracy of the downloaded documents before proceeding with the distribution.

Verification and Distribution of Admit Cards

Once the students have downloaded and printed their admit cards, they must ensure the verification process is completed correctly. The students are required to affix their signature and the official seal of the college on the admit cards. This serves as a means of verification and confirms the authenticity of the documents. Furthermore, students should carefully cross-check their roll numbers and registration numbers to avoid any discrepancies during the examination process.

The responsibility of distributing the admit cards lies with the college authorities. They are entrusted with verifying the authenticity of each student's admit card and providing them with the necessary documents at the designated location. It is crucial for the college staff to meticulously organize the distribution process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for the students.

Exam Requirements

During the examinations, students must carry their admit cards, ensuring that the roll numbers, registration numbers, and exam codes are clearly visible. These details are essential for proper identification and accurate record-keeping during the exams. Students are advised to double-check their exam requirements beforehand to avoid any last-minute complications.

Contact Information for Assistance

In case students require any assistance or have queries related to the admit card download process, they can reach out to the National University helpline at #02-99669153 or 01313-052361. The dedicated support team is available to provide immediate guidance and support to students facing any difficulties.

Important Notice for Errors or Missing Admit Cards

If any student fails to download their admit card within the given timeframe or notices any errors or discrepancies in the downloaded admit card, they must promptly notify the concerned department by submitting an application by June 12, 2023. It is important to note that no modifications or complaints will be entertained by the colleges or exam centers after the specified date. Therefore, it is imperative for students to ensure the accuracy of their admit cards and report any issues within the given timeframe.

NU Honours 4th Year Admit Card 2023


1. Can I download my admit card from any website other than the official National University portals? No, it is highly recommended to download the admit card only from the official National University website ( or the college-related information page ( These portals are specifically designed to facilitate the admit card download process and ensure the accuracy of the documents.

2. Can I modify or make changes to my downloaded admit card after the verification process? No, once the admit card has been verified and signed by the college authorities, no modifications or changes can be made. It is essential to carefully verify all the details before completing the verification process to avoid any issues during the exams.

3. What should I do if I encounter an error or discrepancy in my admit card? If you notice any errors or discrepancies in your downloaded admit card, you must promptly submit an application to the concerned department by June 12, 2023. This will allow sufficient time for the necessary corrections or clarifications to be made before the exams.

4. Are there any specific guidelines for the signature and seal on the admit card? The signature and seal on the admit card must be provided by the college authorities, ensuring their official authenticity. It is important to follow the college's guidelines and instructions regarding the signature and seal placement on the admit card.

5. Can I contact the National University helpline for any other queries or assistance? Yes, the National University helpline at #02-99669153 or 01313-052361 is available to provide support and assistance for any queries or issues related to the admit card download process. Feel free to reach out to them for any necessary guidance or clarification.

The National University's initiative to release admit cards for the Honors 4th-year exams through digital means brings about a significant advancement in the examination system. By incorporating digital signatures and online publication, the university aims to enhance efficiency and convenience for the students. The process of downloading and verifying the admit cards has been streamlined, with clear instructions provided to both the students and college authorities. It is essential for students to carefully follow the given procedures to ensure a successful examination experience.


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